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Hospital Bag Checklist

May 2015

Getting ready for the big day? Here's a list of everything you'll want to consider bringing with you to the hospital. Aim to get your your bag together by around 35 weeks, so you don't risk being unprepared and have less to worry about when the time finally comes. 😉

Checklist for you:

Towel and/or trash bag (for car)
ID / insurance info / hospital paperwork
Birth plan
Labor/delivery gown (hospital will provide one — but some people like to bring their own)
Pen / notebook / watch or timer
Gum / hard candy (for labor)
Relaxation tools / comfort objects (whatever you need to make you comfortable in your room): e.g. music, family photos, bouncing ball, massage oil, etc.
Favorite pillow (if desired), with a non-white pillowcase (so it doesn't get mixed up with hospital pillows)
Favorite snacks (for after labor, and in case cafeteria is closed)
Pajamas / comfortable lounge clothes
Comfortable shoes
Flip flops or slippers
Nursing bras/tanks or sports bras
Nursing pads
Nipple cream and/or gel pads
Nursing pillow (as needed)
Breast pump (as needed)
Bottom balm, Tucks, or witch hazel (for tears/hemorrhoids)
Maternity underwear and heavy maxi pads or Depends (if you don't want to use the mesh underwear and super thick pads provided by the hospital)
Lip balm
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, deodorant, any favorite shampoo / conditioner / soap, face wash, lotion, hairbrush)
Glasses, contact lenses, contact solution (as needed)
Hand sanitizer
Makeup (if desired for photos)
Going-home outfit; possibly also a second presentable outfit for pictures or visitors (think second trimester)
Phone & charger
Camera, batteries, memory card
Entertainment, e.g. music, magazines/light reading, portable DVD player or digital videos, deck of cards

For your partner:

Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant)
Change of clothes
Pillow and/or blanket (if not provided by hospital)
Favorite snacks
Change for vending machines
Phone & charger
List of people to call/text/email
Entertainment (see ideas above)

For baby:

Diapers & wipes (if you're picky or hospital doesn't provide)
Scratch mittens
Hat (hospital usually provides generic ones)
Receiving blanket (hospital usually provides generic ones)
Going-home outfit
Baby/memory book (if desired)
Books on newborn care and/or breastfeeding (if desired)
Car seat (installed in car ahead of time)


Gift for elder siblings
Thank you gift or note for nurses
Take-out menus for local restaurants

Hopefully having everything you need on hand will make your delivery a little easier. All the best for a smooth delivery and a healthy new addition to your family! :)