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Best Full-Featured Strollers

December 2014

This article contains our top picks for full-featured strollers by subcategory:

Note: Our editors developed this list by summarizing TotScoop parent favorites and adding a few hand-picked editor favorites and new releases. Our picks are 100% unbiased — we never accept compensation in exchange for coverage. That said, this page may contain affiliate links, meaning we may receive a small commission on any purchases that you make (at no cost to you); see our full disclosure.

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Best luxury full-featured strollers

These may set you back a pretty penny, but these are your best bets for making a statement around town. These are great picks for strolling around the neighborhood from home, but they're all relatively large and heavy, so may not be the best option for navigating smaller spaces and/or frequent lifting in and out of the trunk.

WINNER: UPPAbaby Vista

The newly redesigned UPPAbaby Vista (MSRP $820-860) is our top luxury stroller pick. It was already an urban favorite prior to the redesign; now it's truly unrivaled. The Vista has always been known for its gorgeous design, maneuverability, and ease of use. And now, its chassis redesign has made it a true convertible stroller that transitions effortlessly from single to double (holding two bassinets, two carseats, or two toddler seats, among other configurations). It is heavy (28 lbs.) has a wide wheel base (26.5"), but if these are not deal breakers for you, this is a top option to consider. Features include a reversible seat, one-hand 180-degree recline (albeit with a molded seat that does not recline), extendable sunshade, foam/rubber all-terrain tires, dual suspension, a huge storage basket, and adjustable handlebar and footrest. A bassinet, bumper bar, and rain shield are included. Car seat adapters are available for popular carseats; it also accommodates the UPPAbaby MESA carseat without any adapter. A second toddler seat and/or rumble board (for a third, older rider) are also available separately. If you're looking for something more compact, check out the UPPAbaby Cruz (22 lbs., 22.25" wide, MSRP $500-530).

Runner up: Bugaboo Cameleon 3

The iconic and super sleek Bugaboo Cameleon (MSRP $1,089) is popular with design-conscious parents in places like NYC. Like the Vista, it also has a reversible seat and bassinet, large sunshade, no-flat tires, lockable front wheels, and a hand parking brake. and is carseat compatible. It can be used in three intriguing configurations: small wheels forward, large wheels forward (for uneven terrain), and in two-wheel mode. It is not a good option for frequent car or public transportation trips, however, due to a five-step fold and inability to fold the seat together with the chassis. 21 lbs. (without canopy), 24" wide. Bugaboo also offers the Buffalo (27 lbs., 24" wide), which is similar to the Chameleon in design but has all-terrain wheels, and the lighter weight Bee (19 lbs., 21" wide), which has a reversible, reclining seat and one-piece fold.

Runner up: Stokke Xplory

The Stokke Xplory (MSRP $1000) wins the award for most unique design — one you really have to see to grasp. It offers extreme adjustability in seat height and angle — allowing baby to ride higher up, either closer to you or for a better view. Features include a reversible seat, multiple recline positions, an adjustable handlebar and footrest, and a smallish soft storage bag at the base of the stroller. An optional carrycot and carseat adapters are available. This is also not the best choice for car loading or public transportation, as Xplory breaks down into multiple pieces.

Best lightweight full-featured strollers

WINNER: Baby Jogger City Mini

The City Mini (MSRP $250) is a parent favorite, and a great choice for an all-around stroller if you'll need to lift it in and out of the car frequently. It's lightweight (17 lb., 24" wide), and features Baby Jogger's signature quick fold and huge canopy. It has a lockable front wheel, front-wheel suspension, and a car seat adapter and pram are available. Unfortunately the basket is difficult to access. If you want all-terrain wheels, a hand parking brake, and an adjustable handlebar (and are willing to heft around 4 lbs. more), you can get the upgraded City Mini GT for $350.

Runner up: Britax B-Agile

The Britax B-Agile (MSRP $270, Amazon $216) may be a clone of the City Mini, but Britax has executed well and it gets strong reviews in its own right. It is also easy to fold and has a huge sunshade. At 22.75" wide and 17 lbs., it's slightly narrower than the City Mini, and it accepts Britax carseats well and with no adapter. On the downside, the basket has low sides difficult to access. Additionally, Britax doesn't offer an all-terrain version (or a hand brake or adjustable handlebar), so if those is important to you, then the GT is your best bet.

Runner up: Valco Snap4

The Valco Snap (MSRP $280) is a lesser known stroller, but gets good reviews from experts and is worth considering if you're looking for a stroller in the same style as the City Mini and B-Agile but lighter weight (13 lbs.). The Valco Snap shares their ability to stand when folded, and also has a generous sunshade. It has a near-flat recline suitable for a newborn, folds inward to keep the seat clean, and it has a more accessible basket. On the downside, the fabric feels a bit cheaper, and there is no suspension or adjustable handlebar. Wheel base width 20.5".

Best full-featured strollers under $150

WINNER: Graco LiteRider

Graco offers a number of highly rated strollers in the value category, including the LiteRider (17 lbs., MSRP $90), Metrolite (20 lbs., $140), and FastAction Fold (22 lbs., $150). The LiteRider features a two-position recline, lockable front swivel wheels, suspension, large basket, and easy one-hand fold. It accepts Graco Classic Connect carseats.

Runner up: Contours Lite

Manufactured by Kolcraft, the Contours Lite (MSRP $80) is excellent value. It weighs in at only 14 pounds, and gets strong ratings from parents for its maneuverability, huge storage basket, multi-position reclining seat, and built-in child and parent cup holders. At this price, you shouldn't expect it to match the build quality of our top picks in this category. The sunshade is also much more modest. 19.5" wide.

Best all-terrain strollers

WINNER: BOB Revolution Flex/Pro

If you want a versatile all-terrain stroller that can conquer the playground as well as hiking trails, the BOB Revolution Flex/Pro (Flex: MSRP $500 , Amazon $400; Pro: MSRP $540, Amazon $448) is a great choice. The Flex and Pro models are identical except for a hand brake on the Pro for added downhill control. Both get rave reviews for ease of pushing, maneuverability, and child comfort. On the downside, they may be more stroller than you need (25" wide, 28.5/30.5 lbs.) if you mostly want something to use around town. If you're planning on doing more off-roading, also consider the BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller, which has a larger front fixed wheel, wide knobby tires, and hand brake.

Runner up: Baby Jogger City Mini GT

The City Mini GT (MSRP $350, Amazon $230) is such a great overall stroller that it's also our top pick for a compact "light duty" all-terrain stroller. It's a great choice if you'll primarily be using it for uneven terrain around town, or for occasional hikes. The GT features 8.5" forever air wheels and front suspension, as well as Baby Jogger's signature quick fold and huge canopy, and weighs 34 lbs. If you are looking for a more serious all-terrain stroller, check out Baby Jogger's Summit X3 (MSRP $430, Amazon $300), which has a locking front swivel wheel, bigger wheels, all-wheel suspension, and hand-operated rear drum brakes.The trade-off is greater weight (28 lbs., vs. 21 lbs. for the GT). They are both 25" wide.

Runner up: Bumbleride Indie

Perhaps the most stylish choice in this category, the Bumbleride Indie (MSRP $500) looks fabulous around town, but also has all-terrain tires and can even be used for light jogging (but not running). It gets strong reviews from owners for its maneuverability, smooth ride, comfort, and durability. It features a locking swivel front wheel, air-filled tires, rear suspension, large storage basket, adjustable handlebar, and near-flat reclining seat. It is light for the category, at 20 lbs., though consumers report it can still feel heavy and bulky when folded. Width 24.5". If you like Bumbleride's design aesthetic, also check out the new all-terrain, four-wheel Indie 4 (22 lbs.; MSRP $599, including bassinet).

Runner up: Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller

Manufactured by Kolcraft, the Jeep Liberty Limited is one of our two all-terrain value picks (MSRP $200, Amazon $169). It has 12-inch air-filled tires, a convertible front wheel, a large storage basket, and a one-hand fold. It gets strong reviews for maneuverability, and has several built-in extras including iPod speakers and a child tray including a toy steering wheel and horn. However, parents report that it feels quite heavy (32 lbs.) and bulky. If you're looking in this price range, also check out the Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger (retail $160, Amazon $147), which also gets strong reviews and is even cheaper.