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Best Jumpers & Saucers

August 2016

Jumpers and saucers are basically baby entertainment centers, designed for pre-walkers who have achieved good head & neck control (i.e. approximately 4-12+ months). Not only are they great for occupying your baby for a few minutes (hello, shower!), but they're also great for strengthening leg, back, and neck muscles. For many parents, this is a mainstay baby stashing receptacle until the point when baby starts walking.


Note: We developed this list by summarizing TotScoop parent favorites and adding a few hand-picked editor favorites and new releases. Our picks are 100% unbiased — we never accept compensation in exchange for coverage. This page may contain affiliate links; see our full disclosure.

What to look for

  • Features & activities: Look for plentiful activities within easy reach of the seat. A great jumping feature is also a big plus (some bounce only a few inches, and some bounce much more). These are overall the most important things to look for if you want to make sure you'll get use out of it.
  • Size & ease of disassembly: Most exersaucers/jumperoos are huge, and aren't easy to stow away. If you live in a small space or want to be able to put it away when company comes over, consider getting a space saver or doorway-mounted version.
  • Ease of cleaning: Look for a wipe-clean or machine washable seat and toys/activities.
  • Adjustable height: A must to grow with your baby.
  • Stationary / no wheels: The AAP strongly recommends against "walkers", or any kind of baby seat with wheels, for safety reasons.

Top picks: Jumpers & saucers

Popular pick: Fisher-Price Jumperoo

If you just want the one that everybody gets, stop reading here and just buy this one! Fisher-Price Jumperoos ($66-92 on Amazon) are huge and very busy...but babies undeniably love them, for the same reasons! They reward little ones for jumping, with lights, sounds and music. Fisher-Price makes them in several different themes, including Rainforest, Luv U Zoo, and Discover 'N Grow. These also tend to have good resale value because they're so popular. Note that they are very large (e.g. don't fit through a doorway) and somewhat difficult to disassemble, so not a great choice if unless you have a semi-permanent spot in mind.

Popular pick: Evenflo ExerSaucers

Evenflo Exersaucers ($50-110 on Amazon) are also a great choice for time-tested baby amusement. The Triple Fun ExerSaucers ($100-110) are 3-in-1 products that grow with baby: they transform from activity gyms to saucers (with some bounce) to S-shaped activity centers. Evenflo's regular ExerSaucers ($40-42 on Amazon) are traditional saucers, with some bounce and activity features (but no music). The prices are very affordable, however some parents that report that they aren't as bouncy as a true jumper, and that the stabilizing legs aren't always even. If you want something with more bounce, Evenflo also sells a "Jumper" version of its ExerSaucer.

Modern pick: Oribel PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center

If avoiding eyesores in your living room is a priority for you, consider the gorgeous Oribel PortaPlay ($149). It has such clean lines and such a relaxing color scheme, we wish we could chill in one! The PortaPlay was also designed to grow with your child: after using it as a traditional exersaucer (with , you can later use it as an activity table and kids' table (stools and art paper roll sold separately). The downsides: it's pricey, its bounce feature is very limited (there are elastic bands in the seat that allow it to bounce 2-3 inches), and babies may find the more subdued toys less engaging.

Space saver pick: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo

This more compact version of the full-size Jumperoo, the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo ($47) is slightly less featureful, but has a slightly smaller footprint and (most importantly) folds flat for storage. It's a much more reasonable choice for city dwellers and anyone who wants to be able to put it away when company comes over. Like the full-size Jumperoo, it has lights, sounds, and music and an adjustable height. Drawbacks are that it doesn't bounce quite as well, and doesn't have a 360-degree spin feature.

Door jumper pick: Graco Bumper Jumper

Don't have the space (or budget) for a huge jumperoo or exersaucer to take over your living room? Lots of parents love doorway-mounted alternatives such as the Bumper Jumper ($26). Babies seem to find the jumping fun enough that they don't even miss all of the other activities. And as an added bonus, it's much more portable than a traditional jumper or saucer, so you can take it with you on-the-go. If you're interested in door jumpers, also check out the Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper.

Portable pick: KidCo GoPod

The KidCo GoPod ($50) doesn't have all the bells & whistles that the more featureful saucers above do, but is a great choice for travel, camping, or trips to Grandma's house.