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Best Wearable Blankets

February 2015

Here are our top picks for wearable blankets (a.k.a. sleep sacks) by subcategory:

Note: Our editors developed this list by summarizing TotScoop parent favorites and adding a few hand-picked editor favorites and new releases. Our picks are 100% unbiased — we never accept compensation in exchange for coverage. That said, this page may contain affiliate links, meaning we may receive a small commission on any purchases that you make (at no cost to you); see our full disclosure.

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Best light/summer weight wearable blankets

Everyday pick: Aden by aden + anais Classic

The classic one-layer muslin sleeping bag (MSRP $20) from Aden by aden + anais is a top pick for a lightweight wearable blanket. Made of a single layer of 100% cotton muslin, it’s perfect for warm summer nights. It comes in a range of adorable prints. NB: aden + anais is the original boutique line, offering additional prints (MSRP $32), while Aden by aden + anais is the less expensive (but still very good quality) line available at mass market stores.

Everyday pick: HALO SleepSack

Halo sleep sacks (MSRP $26.95, Amazon $15-23) are perhaps the most popular basic wearable blankets. They’re made of a single layer of 100% lightweight cotton knit (TOG rating of 0.5), so are appropriate for warmer seasons or climates. They feature an inverted zipper and are available in a variety of colors.

Runner up: Summer Infant ComfortMe

Unlike most sleep sacks on the market, ComfortMe wearable blankets (MSRP $22, Amazon $18-22) feature unique sleeve-wings to keep baby feeling warm and secure — perfect for infants transitioning out of a swaddle. They are made of 100% cotton, feature a two-way zipper, and are available in basic colors and prints.

Splurge pick: Gunamuna Gunapod

The Gunamuna Gunapod (MSRP $25-40, Amazon $29-38) offers all-around and front zippers plus snaps at both shoulders for easy on/off and infinite adjustability. It comes in 100% cotton and a bamboo viscose/cotton blend, both lighter weight materials appropriate for warmer weather. It features refreshingly modern, minimalist designs.

Best midweight wearable blankets

Everyday pick: SwaddleDesigns zzZipMe

zzZipMe sleep sacks (MSRP $32-40, Amazon $16-40) from Swaddle Designs are available in a range of materials with four different TOG (warmth) ratings, from muslin to cotton to thick microplush. They all feature a two-way zipper — so can be zipped up from the bottom for diaper changes. For most nurseries (65-72 degrees F), their 1.5-2.2 TOG rating sleep sacks are most suitable. For warmer climates (72-80 degrees F), see their 0.3 and 0.7 rated sacks.

Splurge pick: CastleWare Organic Cotton Velour Cozie

CastleWare velour sleep sacks ($62-64 at Amazon) are made of 100% organic cotton — with an outer later of thick organic cotton velour and an inner layer of organic cotton baby rib. They carry a 2.5 TOG rating, and are recommended for rooms 60-70 degrees F. They are available in short and long-sleeve versions, and come in natural undyed velour and six different earth-tone trims.

Splurge pick: Merino Kids

Merino Kids merino sleep sacks (MSRP $120-140, $100-130 at Amazon) are our hands-down favorite sleep sacks. Buy two of these sleeveless sleep sacks and you’re done – they’re generously sized and can be used from three months to two years (a snap adjusts the armhole size for smaller babies). The inner layer is made of merino wool, an all-natural, breathable material that wicks moisture and regulates body temperature, while the exterior shell is soft organic cotton. Features include a full side zip and one-shoulder snap closure for easy on/off and a hole to accommodate a buckle harness. It is rated for rooms 64 to 80 degrees F. Woolino also makes a very similar but slightly less pricey sleep sack (MSRP $100, Amazon $90-100).

Best heavy / winter weight wearable blankets

Note: We don’t recommend polyester fleece wearable blankets, which can cause overheating.

Everyday pick: Baby Deedee

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest (MSRP $40) is a thick sleep sack with a 100% cotton shell and lining and poly fill interior. It has shoulder snaps and a reverse zipper closure, and is available in various colors.

Everyday pick: aden + anais Cozy

aden + anais Cozy sleep sacks (MSRP $45, Amazon $38-49) feature four layers of A+A’s famous 100% cotton muslin material to keep baby toasty on colder nights or in air-conditioned nurseries. They’re also breathable and soft and come in a myriad of cute prints.

Splurge pick: Reläx Reiff Strickwaren

Reläx’s sumptuous merino wool sleep sacks ($77-128 at Little Spruce Organics) are the warmest we’ve found, and are made of 100% organic materials to boot. They come in two flavors, 100% organic merino wool fleece and knitted 100% organic merino wool outer / 100% organic cotton fleece inner, and are available in both long and short sleeves. If you are a fan of organic wool, Little Spruce Organics also carries a number of other sleep sacks from Engel ($68), Disana ($65), and Lanacare (from $83).