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Second+ Baby Sample Registry

March 2017

Baby #2 (or 3, or 4...) on the way? Congrats! This sample registry contains some of our favorite products to help ease the transition as your family grows.

Some of the picks we've included on this list are things that are specifically designed to make life with two kiddos easier (e.g., double stroller). Others are things that you may or may not have had with your first, but will be absolutely essential for your second (e.g., a great newborn carrier). And last, we've also included a few new products that may not have been around when you had your last baby, and that you may want to as potential "upgrades" for #2.

NB: We're not including basics such as diapers, bath supplies, clothing, new bottle nipples or pacifiers, etc. here. Check out our Ultimate New Baby Checklist to make sure you're fully stocked on the usual suspects!

Note: The products featured below were hand-picked by our editors; we did not receive any compensation for including them. This page may contain affiliate links; see our full disclosure.


Double strollers

A double stroller is a must for any family with two kids under about age 3. Depending how close in age your kids will be, it may make sense to get a side-by-side stroller, a tandem stroller, a convertible stroller (that converts from single to double), or a sit-and-stand type stroller (which has a primary .

Side-by-side pick: Baby Jogger City Mini GT

If your kids are going to be close together in age (e.g. less than 2 years apart), a side-by-side stroller may be the best choice, as your kids will both be able to enjoy a full view. For full discussion of all of our favorite side-by-side double stroller options, see here.

Our featured side-by-side pick is the City Mini GT Double Stroller ($580), which is one of the most popular side-by-sides on the market, with good reason! It's comfortable for the kids, easy to push and maneuver for you, and accommodates a newborn via a Compact Pram (bassinet) or infant car seat adapter (both sold separately). The one handed fold is great when juggling two. Its 8.5" "forever air" tires glide easily over rocks, cobblestones, and so on, yet never need to be inflated. The City Mini GT weighs in at 32.5 lbs., and the wheel width is just under 30", so you'll be able to fit through most doorways reasonably easily. In case you'll have more than two kids who need a ride, a Glider Board ($85) is also available. If you don't need the all-terrain tires, hand brake, adjustable handlebar, or slightly taller seats, consider downgrading to the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, which is not only cheaper ($447) but also lighter at 26.6 lbs.

Convertible pick: UPPAbaby Vista

If your kids will be 2-2.5 years apart, a convertible stroller could be a great choice. That way you can use the two-seat configuration for the year or so that your older child will still need a seat, then transition to a ride-on board and finally just a single seat as your older child outgrows the stroller. For discussion of all of our favorite convertible strollers, see here.

Our top convertible stroller pick is the UPPAbaby Vista ($840-880). No doubt it's pricey, but the design and ease of use are both exceptional. It gives you the flexibility to configure it as single seat plus bassinet, single seat plus car seat, two seats (in various configurations), or a single seat plus piggy-back board ($100), among other configurations. It is 26.5" wide and weighs 27.5 lbs for in single stroller mode (plus an additional 7-8 lbs. for the bassinet or second seat).

Sit-and-stand pick: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite

If there's going to be a bigger age difference between your kids (e.g. 2.5+ years), consider getting a sit-and-stand stroller, which allows your older child to hop on and off easily. For all of our top sit-and-stand stroller picks, see here.

Our featured sit-and-stand pick, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite (MSRP $250, Amazon $217), is a compact and lightweight (22 lbs.) sit-and-stand/tandem stroller with just a slightly larger footprint than the typical single stroller. It is versatile: your little one can ride in the main forward-facing seat (from 3 months) or in a car seat (universal adapter included), and your older one can sit (rear-facing) on the toddler bench, stand (forward-facing) on the built-in stand-on platform, or sit in a second full-size, reclining seat (recommended for kids younger than 2.5 years; $70). The main seat fully reclines and the bench for the older child has a 3-point harness. The wheel width is 21.5".

If you're on a budget, you can downgrade to the cheaper (MSRP $150, Amazon $121) but heavier (29 lbs.) Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-on Tandem Stroller.

Side-by-side umbrella pick: UPPAbaby G-LINK

If you want a double umbrella stroller that you'll be able to fold up easily for travel or public transportation, the UPPAbaby G-Link ($500-530) is our top umbrella pick. At that price it's squarely in the luxury category, but what sets it apart from other umbrella strollers is its newborn compability: the seats have a very deep recline, and a newborn head insert and snap-on mesh foot barrier can turn either compartment into a cozy little nest. Note that the G-Link cannot accommodate a car seat. It has a one-step fold, has a flip-flop-friendly foot brake, weighs 24.5 lbs, and is 30" wide.

Getting out & about with your newborn

When you've got a toddler or preschooler, hanging out around the house all day with your newborn is just not an option. This gear that will enable you to keep your newbie close, while chasing after your older kiddo!

Newborn carrier: LILLEbaby

Babywearing is even more essential when you have two in tow! If you're going to be running after a toddler or preschooler for extended periods of time, we highly recommend getting a Soft Structured Carrier or wrap carrier (that distributes the weight evenly across both shoulders, and ideally also to your hips) for maximum comfort.

One of our favorite newborn-friendly carriers is the LILLEbaby ($125). Unlike many other carriers, it can accommodate a newborn without any insert, yet it also grows with your child (thanks to an adjustable crotch width) to accommodate kids up to 45 lbs.

The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier and Kinderpack Carrier are two great other options to consider that can accommodate newborns with no insert. To see all of our picks, check out our guides to the Best Newborn SSCs and Best Wrap Carriers.

Nursing cover pick: Covered Goods

Multi-use nursing covers are great for their versatility. One of our top picks is this affordable ($35) yet super useful cover from Covered Goods. It is primarily advertised as a full coverage nursing cover, but also doubles as a feeding cover for bottle-fed babies, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and scarf for mom. It’s even soft enough to use as a blanket or wrap. All of these uses in one product means less to pack in your already crammed diaper bag!

Other essential gear when you have 2+ kids

Portable bassinet pick: Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

The Rock ‘n Play ($55) is a must-have newborn product for many moms, regardless of how many kids you have, because babies simply sleep great in it. But the Rock 'n Play is especially great when you have multiple kids, as it's lightweight and portable, making it a breeze to move around as you follow your older kid(s) from room to room. The gentle incline and cocoon-like shape cradle your baby, leaving you hands-free to shift your attention to big bro or sis. There are several versions of this product (at various price points), some with vibration and sound features. We especially love the modern design version, the Jonathan Adler Deluxe Rock ‘n Play.

Expandable monitor — tech-savvy pick: Nest Wi-Fi Camera

The Nest Cam ($185) is incredibly easy to install, and can be used simultaneously with several cameras. The fact that you can view the camera feeds from any phone, tablet, or computer, with no separate parent unit, means there's one less thing to keep track of! The picture is clear and you can easily zoom in or out. Drawbacks include the need for a strong wi-fi connection, and the fact that you need to keep the app open on your device in order to hear actual sound (although you can see silent movement across multiple cameras simultaneously on the home screen). (Tip: If you have an extra device sitting around the house, you can always use that as a dedicated parent unit to avoid monopolizing your phone.)

Expandable monitor — workhorse pick: Motorola MBP33S Wireless Video Baby Monitor

If you want an inexpensive workhorse multi-feed monitor that won't require you to keep an app open on your smartphone all the time, we also recommend the Motorola MBP33S Wireless Video Baby Monitor ($79, second camera sold separately). This system allows you to view both video feeds picture-in-picture, or to scan between the two feeds every 12 seconds.

One of our editors has had one at home for the last couple of years, and has no negatives to report aside from a short battery life (easily remedied by buying extra batteries on eBay and/or keeping the unit plugged in).

Sound machine pick: Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

The Marpac Dohm-DS ($50) is perfect for creating a soothing environment for your newest addition, so he or she can dream the day away while your older child bangs or screams away in the next room. It only works when plugged in, but is still compact and lightweight enough to bring with you on a trip (where you'll have access to an outlet).

Toy organization pick: 3 Sprouts Toy Chest

Now with two kids, you’re going to have twice as many toys and books to store! The 3 Sprouts Toy Chest ($25) is one of our top picks because it is a soft-sided and collapsible, yet still durable, toy chest. It's also a great choice for young children because you don't have to worry about sharp edges or corners.

Roomy diaper bag pick: Hip Cub Weekender Tote Diaper Bag

Hip Cub is known for making affordable and durable bags are modern and spacious. The Weekender Tote ($55) is a great choice when you've got multiple kids. This bag has nine pockets, including a zippered interior pocket. It’s easy to clean and has enough organizational features to allow you to grab an item at a moment’s notice. It also comes with removable stroller straps and a matching changing pad.

Graduating your older kid to the next stage

Time to evict your older child from the crib and high chair to make room for your newest addition? There's no better way to get the job done than to find a next step that he or she can get excited about!

Toddler bed pick: DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed

If you've got loads of room, you can transition directly from a crib to a twin bed, but if you need something compact (or are transitioning a child who's still on the younger side) you may want to go with a toddler bed.

Our toddler bed pick is the Modena, which is not only affordable (from $89) and modern looking, but is also made by Da Vinci, which makes some of the safest kid furniture around (you can see our write-up of the brand in our Safer Furniture guide).

Booster seat pick: Ingenuity Smartclean Toddler Booster Seat

When it comes time for your tiny one to start solids, it may be time to graduate your older child to a booster seat!

The Ingenuity Smartclean Booster ($30) is easy to install and fits on most chairs. It’s incredible easy to clean and has a sleek, minimalist design. The removable padding is also easy to clean and provides additional height for younger children.

See more picks in our High Chairs & Boosters guide.

Preparing your older child to be a big sibling!

Book pick: I Am A Big Sister and I Am A Big Brother by Caroline Jayne Church

Sister titles I Am A Big Sister and I Am A Big Brother ($5) are perfect for toddlers (ages 2-3). They provide a gentle introduction to the concept of being a big sibling, and show little ones how they can become helpers as well!

Also check out similar titles Waiting for Baby and My New Baby by Rachel Fuller. Alternatively, if you have a child older than 3 years old, Maple by Lori Nichols is a nice, slightly more sophisticated alternative.

Toy pick: VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix

It can be great fun to allow your older child to take part in capturing new family memories! The Kidizoom Camera ($36) takes real digital photos and allows children to go online and create photo collages. Its construction makes it durable for younger kids, however many of the photo features will require adult help.

Announcement pick: Big Brother or Big Sister T-Shirt

A fun t-shirt is the perfect way to make the announcement to Daddy, family, or your social media crew! We love this Big Brother tee from Threadrock, and this Big Sister tee from TeeStars.

Potential gear upgrades for the new baby

Here are some of our top picks for new baby gear that may not have been out at the time your last child was born. If you've got the budget, perhaps time to consider an upgrade?

Infant car seat pick: Nuna PIPA

The Nuna PIPA is a lightweight option weighing just under 8 lbs. It’s easy to install and has some of the top safety features on the market. It has a modern design and best-in-class (have-to-see-it-to-believe-it) canopy. It is a pricey option ($300) and is not compatible with all strollers.

Some other car seat options that also boast the latest and greatest safety features are the Cybex Aton 2/Cybex Cloud Q and the UPPAbaby Mesa.

Bassinet pick: HALO Bassinest

Sleep becomes even more of a luxury and necessity when you have multiple children, so every extra minute counts! The HALO Bassinest ($250) keeps new baby safe and close by your bed side. One side drops down to easily reach baby and the unit itself adjusts heights and swivels over mattress so there is no getting out of bed. This is especially helpful for moms recovering from a C-section. HALO also just recently announced (as of 3/17) the release of a cozy Newborn Cuddle Insert accessory for the Bassinest.

If you have more space (and budget), the BabyBay Maxi Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet is another great product that has recently come to the US market.

Baby bouncer pick: Skip Hop Uplift Multi-level Bouncer

We love the Skip Hop Uplift ($139) as a choice for growing families, as it features a unique adjustable height that allows baby to join the family at the dinner table. The mobile comes with an interchangeable baby toy that keeps baby entertained and the unit itself has vibration and sound features. It also has a sleek design and minimal footprint.